Modified Remains

Modified Remains is the art of Rickey Wheeler, a skeleton articulator and bone artist.

Follow Along

This website is my online store, Instagram feed, and Facebook Page feed in one location along with a bit of information about what I do. To follow along with my work in real time, please follow one of the pages.

What I Do

I articulate skeletons, preserve skulls, and create art out of dead animals. Obviously nothing is killed for my work. Everything used died of natural causes.


I use Dermestid Beetles and museum designed methods for all bone preservation. Everything is degreased and whitened properly before assembly.

Commission Work

I no longer accept commissioned work.


I very much enjoy articulating skeletons. I tend to focus so hard that I just zone out and think of nothing but what I’m doing. It’s great!


I LOVE preserving skulls. They are by far my favorite thing to do. I especially enjoy small reptile skulls. I just find them fascinating.

Bone Art

Though I don’t produce them often, when an idea hits me, I obsess over it until I make it. It’s like I have to get it out of my head by producing it. I honestly don’t even enjoy this process very much. It’s more compulsory than enjoyable.

Really amazing piece. Shipped super quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Will definitely be using this shop in the future!


Etsy Reviews

My skull arrived in perfect condition, packaged very nicely. The shipping was fast, and the seller very pleasant. Will definitely buy from here again!

Leah Busch

Etsy Reviews

Perfect seller! Fast delivery, great communication! Highly recommended!

Federico Zannini

Etsy Reviews

Perfect condition, beautiful! Thank you.

Kiley Palmer

Etsy Reviews

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