I Buy Dead Animals

Have a dead animal to sell me? I’ll buy it, but there are a few rules, and things I cannot legally buy, or just won’t buy. I also prefer to buy multiple animals at a time from zoos, breeders, importers, etc… I typically won’t buy a single animal unless it is a rare species and justifies the cost of shipping.

With that said, here are some things to know…

Is It Ethically Obtained?

I only buy deceased animals that died of natural causes. Illness, injury, etc… I will not work on anything being killed just to sell it to someone like me. 

Is it Legal?

Since I don’t import animals, CITES is not an issue for me, but animals listed under the Endangered Species Act are. If it is an ESA listed animal, you ust be in the same state as me, Texas, or I cannot legally buy it. 

Native USA Animals

I typically don’t work on native species, and lots of them aren’t legal to sell me anyways, so please don’t ask. There are local, state, and Federal laws to consider with this issue. So no, I don’t want the roadkill you found.

Migratory Bird Treaty Act

In 1918 most native and migratory birds in the USA became protected species. However, I do have my Federal Migratory Bird Taxidermy Permit. This means I can legally work on them, but only for someone who can legally own them. Falconers mostly, but also people with the Federal Migratory Bird Educational Permit. 

So if you are legally allowed to own them, I am legally allowed to work on them for you. I will require proof of your permit, and I’ll need your information and permit number for my federal records book.

If you are a random person that found a dead bird, please leave it alone. Odds are you legally cannot touch it. There are very few species not controlled under this act.

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