Zen Mushnkey v2.0


Zen Mushnkey v2.0

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Zen Mushnkey v2.0

So a couple of months ago I sold my favorite piece. I had held onto it for almost 2 years. Well I messed up and trusted an ignorant third party shipping company.

I told them to ship it through the fragile service, to avoid the 4 foot conveyor belt drops in the warehouses. Long story short, they charged me more and didn’t ship it fragile. It was completely destroyed.

I had the remains sent back to me and they have just been in a drawer ever since because I don’t like looking at them in that condition. Well after the news that Denver, CO decriminalized Psilocybin mushrooms on May 8th I felt inspired to rebuild him. He will never be what he once was, but he will still live on as art.

This is made from a juvenile Rhesus Monkey, Reticulated Python vertebrae as the mushroom stem, Ball Python ribs and, to repair some damage, it now also has Gaboon Viper ribs for the mushroom gills.

This piece will also come with a set of 8×10 prints of him in his original condition before he was destroyed.

Price includes shipping. USA only.

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